How Mobile Technology is Redefining Marketing?

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? Brush teeth, take bath? No, the first thing we do is check our phone. Mobile has become an inseparable part of our life. Now a day’s people prefer to be on their phone rather than watching TV or browsing on their laptops.

Marketers recognized the need for capturing an audience through mobile marketing as they found TV Advertising and print media are getting obsolete and not providing any returns.

Marketing on mobile has become a daunting task, as users control which ads they want to view and which to skip. Marketers cannot rely completely on the mercy on Facebook and location-based ads to grab the attention of users. Digital Marketers need to be proactive and look for the latest trend to be in the picture. A mobile app development company can help in marketing with speed, relevance, and wide reach.

Let’s look at the ways how marketing has changed with the advent of latest mobile technology.

1) Augmented reality

With the popularity of Pokémon goes, all the marketers are eying to inculcate augmented reality in their marketing strategy.

AR can help you to gain an interactive connection with the customers. AR can help with Geo-tagging, customer can point their phones on building and it will help them locate your centers or stores

You can keep customers engaged by things like character selfie, offers and by showing how the product can be used in different ways.

Ikea adopted AR through which customers can view how every furniture will fit in their room. Such innovative way of the engaging customer can definitely boost sales.

2) Chatbot’s

Due to advanced artificial intelligence, Chabot’s are yet another way by which you can communicate to customers in a personalized way. They help to resolve queries, make suggestions and give notifications which are user specific. Nowadays apps with notifications every now and then irritate customers a lot. Chatbots takes likes and preferences into consideration to suggest a most useful product or service to the customer.

3) Beacon advertising

Beacon technology is a very interesting development. The way a lighthouse communicates with the ship with some signals as their medium. Beacons can communicate with the nearby devices with the help of Bluetooth. Suppose you are going out for a stroll and a nearby store notifies you of the sale, you are motivated to check it out once, you find the thing of your liking and beacon notifies you with a discount coupon. This technology takes the physical offline location of the customer and digitally attracts them to make a physical purchase. It integrates the offline and online activity of a person to make a purchasing decision.

Apart from inculcating latest technologies, the consumer behavior has also changed a lot, they have gained increased control in which data can be shared and which could be made public, with this Digital marketers and mobile app development companies has to cope up and inculcate the changes to attract customers.

-> Voice search and fast loading websites

More than 20% of searches on mobile are voice searches, hence android app developers, as well as ios app developers, need to take care that they enable voice search option in the apps they develop. The speed of loading website is also very important; a report from chart beat reveals that there is 50% more engagement on the website which loads faster as compared to slow loading websites.

-> Demands cohesive experience

Customers are connected primarily to their mobile, but the use of laptops and tablets still exists, they demand a cohesive experience on all platforms

-> Massive increase in mobile ad consumption

Isn’t it easier to share a video on Whatsapp or Instagram? It is absolutely easier. According to Hubspot Video is the most popular form of content sharing. 92% of the consumers share mobile ads with others.

-> Shopping

Most of the online shopping is done by apps, customers tend to browse on their laptops but they will make more purchases on apps.

With the upcoming trends, it is necessary to plan a solid mobile marketing strategy. Although the developments are growing at vast pace, you should not include all of them but also cannot afford to give a miss on all.

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